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Ryan Poterack is an insurance agent, financial planner and an investment advisor representative. Ryan Poterack is able to discuss insurance, securities, and conduct fee-based planning. Many insurance agents do not hold the licenses and/or registrations necessary to perform these same services. You must ensure you adjust your practice to the licenses and registrations you hold.

PCA Advisor Network will only contract with agents that are also registered representatives or investment advisor representatives. Any materials provided by PCA for use by the agent is subject to approval of the entities under which the agent is registered.

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Past performance and track records

It is common for people to choose advisors and investments based on past performance or what is often referred to as a “track record”. Financial professionals recognize past performance does not guarantee future performance. This fact is provided to the public verbally and in writing consistently and often by the financial industry. Never mind, people still ask advisors about track rec…