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Meet Our Team

How can we help you and your practice grow?

Ryan Poterack

I am CEO of Poterack Capital Advisory, Inc., an Investment Adviser Representative (IAR). I earned my degree in Finance from Iowa State University in 1990.

I Founded the PCA Advisor Network because I have a passion for coaching enthusiastic financial professionals throughout the country and sharing my innovative ideas. The responsibility of PCA Advisor Network is to make you money and the best way to do that is through developing relationships. My business model is unique in the industry; it is process-driven as opposed to product-driven.

I am not only the CEO; I am also a personal producer working with clients every day. My personal practice has grown to include 2 offices, located in Davenport, Iowa and Charlotte, North Carolina. I understand what it takes to start from scratch and have built unique and effective processes to ensure success.

 But enough about me…How can I help you?

Anna Hopkins

 I am the President of PCA Advisor Network, but you can call me Prez.  I make sure our business is running smoothly so the rest of our team can focus their energy on servicing our fantastic team of financial professionals.

I joined the PCA family in October of 2007, with a background in marketing and corporate communications.   All of us at PCA are obsessed with client service, and I’m behind the scenes cracking the whip! I am great resource to you in drafting client communications, hiring support staff and business development.

Ashley Federal

I am the newest member of the PCA family, having been hired in December 2013.

I majored in Communications at UNC Wilmington.  After college, I worked as a Home Loan Processor at Wells Fargo.  Switching from such a large organization to a small company was a big change for me, but it feels like home now!  I enjoy making a difference every day, and being allowed to juggle many different responsibilities.  It'll be my smiling face that greets you when you walk into our office for a visit!  In addition to that, I assist with the coordination of our frequent events, help Greg out with business processing, and am responsible for a lot of the office tasks and projects that always seem to crop up!

Phew!  Since I keep so busy at PCA, I try to take it easy the rest of the time.  My friends, family, and especially my dog Rocky eat up the remainder of my time and energy. 

Greg Poterack

I typically start my day with 42 emails and 28 phone messages all marked URGENT. After 14 years as a business owner myself, I truly understand the importance of excellent client service. 

My goal is to keep things hassle-free for our clients. My job is to keep Ryan from going crazy by handling the day to day client questions and time sensitive paperwork processing. I am available to assist you in training your support staff to do the same for you.

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